Case Studies

Doubled attorney fee award of over $61,000.00

Robert Lucas of the Sacramento office obtained a doubled attorney fee award of over $61,000.00 and an additional $9,800 in sanctions against the plaintiff's counsel in successfully defending a law firm and its attorneys against conspiracy and malicious prosecution claims. In the underlying case, the plaintiff had successfully defended an unlawful detainer proceeding brought by the law firm and their clients who the plaintiffs claimed had sold them their property. After winning the unlawful detainer action, the plaintiffs sued the law firm, the law firm's clients, real estate agents, and mortgage companies alleging a wide-ranging conspiracy to deprive them of their home, which the plaintiffs claimed the law firm's clients defrauded them out of through a scheme to obtain the title for themselves. As part of the conspiracy, the plaintiffs claimed that the law firm maliciously prosecuted the unlawful detainer action against them. In response to the lawsuit, Mr. Lucas filed an anti-SLAPP motion to strike the complaint that the court granted. Despite prevailing, the plaintiffs persisted in pursuing their action against the law firm, which resulted in the court awarding sanctions for harassment and frivolous actions against their attorney.

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