In the world of high stakes litigation there is just no substitute for experience and recognition by the legal community. Our trial lawyers have been elected to and are leaders of the most selective trial organizations in the world. This explains why our trial lawyers are repeatedly called upon to represent other law firms and judges, as well as businesses both large and small, ensnared in litigation. The extraordinary trial experience of our lawyers has earned our firm and our individual lawyers the reputation for results, obtained with dedication and integrity. We realize that our reputation for excellence and integrity is on the line anew every day. We consider each case a new opportunity to preserve and enhance our standing with our clients and the professional business community.

We are content with our place in the legal community, but we are not smug. We do not wish to become a "global" firm and risk the loss of the sense of family that binds us to one another and to our clients.

While our trial lawyers handle and try cases across the country, we are proud to call California our home.

Our trial background helps our clients resolve their cases sooner because our opponents know that we mean business.

Client service is everything to our lawyers. It has been the hallmark of our firm for over thirty years. As managing director for many years, I have come to learn that this client service is and must be the foundation of our work, our experience and our precious commitment to and recognition for excellence.

Michael P. Bradley
Managing Director

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