Projecting Credibility and Confidence with Cara Hale Alter

For our next program, Cara Hale Alter will discuss Projecting Credibility and Confidence. Whether communicating one-on-one or giving a formal presentation, the image you project is vital to the listener's assessment of your credibility. Ms. Alter will discuss the specific skills necessary for women to move more successfully through the variety of situations in which attorneys communicate, from networking, to inner office communication, to meetings with opposing counsel, to courtroom interactions. Using real-world examples and interactive exercises, she'll discuss the power of the "subtextual" conversation-body language, vocal patterns, and mannerisms that can raise or lower one's status in the workplace.

We'll explore female- and male-identified communication rituals, and how to confront counterproductive culture clashes caused by differences in style and language. Better understanding these dynamics, and being more aware of our own behavioral patterns, can significantly increase collaboration, respect, and ultimately, productivity. For more information, contact Clare Ota.

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