2012 - 2014 Articles


November 2014

Law firms must take steps to protect private client data, by Simone McCormick

September 2014

Think Again - Making the Most of Defense Attorneys' Fee Awards, by Adam M. Koss and Heather A. Barnes

Three steps to protecting your online reputation, by Jason E. Fellner and Caitlin T. DiMaggio

Duty and the Design Professional, by Kimberly A. Shields

June 2014

Validity of Arbitration Agreements Under California Law, by Simone McCormick and Jennifer J. Karpinski

Basic Steps Businesses Should Take To Protect Valuable Data, by Simone McCormick and James F. Monagle

Notable Legal Issues, by Arthur V. Pearson and Janet L. Everson

Emerging Topics in Legal Malpractice Defense, by Thomas J. D'Amato and Kimberly A. Shields

May 2014

A defensive approach to mitigating malpractice claims, by Jason E. Fellner, Peter L. Weber and Josh P. Davis, Daily Journal, May 23, 2014

January 2014

In the event of a data security breach... by Jason E. Fellner and Allen Kuo, Daily Journal, Jan. 16, 2014


October 2013

Anti-SLAPP in the Employment Investigation Context by Simone McCormick Daily Journal, October 22, 2013

August 2013

Lessons Learned from Penn State and Rutgers: General Counsel Internal Investigations by William A. Muñoz, In-House Defense Quarterly

June 2013

Now Hiring: 3 Keys for New Attorneys to Find Success in a Difficult Job Market by Jason E. Fellner, The Bar Association of San Francisco Bulletin

March 2013

Follow Your (Ethical) Gut: Insured-Attorney's Ethical Duties to Plaintiff-Clients Trump Insurer's Ability to Deny Coverage by Willam A. Muñoz and Brittany Y. Ng

Can juries award prejudgment interest in malpractice suits? by Harlan Watkins and Nicholas C. Larson, The Daily Journal, March 8, 2013

February 2013

Bury your exposure: malpractice claims and estate planning by Jason E. Fellner and Allen Kuo

Malicious prosecution decision gets it right, then gets it wrong by James A. Murphy, Harlan B. Watkins and Erik P. Weiss, The Daily Journal, February 11, 2013


October 2012

Maximizing infringement damages by James F. Monagle, The Recorder, October 22, 2012

September 2012

Hope You Enjoyed Your Visit to California, You May Need to Stay Longer than Expected: Statute of Limitations Period for Malpractice Claims Inapplicable to Nonresident Attorneys, by Arthur J. Harris and Nicholas C. Larson

Wading through Actual Injury and the Discovery Rule in the Wake of Shifren v. Spiro, by Timothy J. Halloran and Jonathan M. Blute

August 2012

Dealing with Data Breach by Matthew A. Cebrian and Brittany W. Yang, The Recorder, August 13, 2012

Legal Ease: 4 Steps Design Professionals can take to Manage and Minimize Risk in Green and Sustainable Building Projects by Kimberly A. Shields in Environmental Design & Construction

Samsung's conduct spurs adverse jury instruction by Matthew A. Cebrian and Brittany W. Yang, The Daily Journal, August 2, 2012

July 2012

Avoid the Noid: An Employer's Guiide to Drafting Social Media Policies, by Matthew A. Cebrian and Kimberly A. Shields, Bloomberg's BNA Social Media Law & Policy Report

June 2012

Patent reform: death knell for litigation? by Timothy J. Halloran, Peter L. Weber and Allen Kuo, The Recorder, June 11, 2012

Elder Abuse tack-ons ineffective due to lacking enforcement by Simone McCormick and Bart Flood, The Daily Journal, June 6, 2012

The Far Reaching Trust Fund Recovery Penalties by Janet L. Everson and Matthew A. Cebrian

Breaking Up Is Hard To Do: Terminating The Relationship With Your Client by Jason J. Galek

Practice Tips in Audit Representation by Karen Neville

May 2012

Inside the box: observations of an attorney serving as a juror by Jeff C. Hsu, The Daily Journal, May 17, 2012

Are Your Clients Playing with Pandora's Box? by Matthew A. Cebrian and Kimberly A. Shields

April 2012

Please Submit Your Resume, References and Facebook Login by Matthew A. Cebrian,, April 10, 2012

2011 - 2010 Articles


Aaron McClellan, James Monagle and Tanis Kelly prevailed in reversing a $30 million default judgment against a client of the firm on appeal. Published Fourth District decision.

Don't end up in the worst chair in the room by Timothy Halloran and Karen Stromeyer

A Golden Opportunity to Further Limit Employer Liability in Injury Cases

California Supreme Court rejects attorney malpractice exemption to mediation confidentiality

Supreme Court ruled in favor of US Airways; Amicus Curiae by William Muñoz

Timothy Halloran and Jason E. Feller prevailed on appeal before the California Court of Appeal. The Court of Appeal unanimously affirmed the Marin County Superior Court trial court's order granting nonsuit in favor of defendants during trial in a legal malpractice action.

Appellate Opinion: Arbitration Clauses in Attorney Fee Agreements

The Lawyers' Litigation Privilege by Robert W. Lucas

Avoiding Potential Pitfalls in Joint Defense Agreements by Thomas J. D'Amato and Tanis L. Kelly

Summary Judgment Granted for General Contractor

Cassel v. Superior Court - The California Supreme Court Rejects an Attorney Malpractice Exception to Mediation Confidentiality by William A. Muñoz

Defense Verdict in Favor of Real Estate Broker

Please Jurors, Check Your iPhone with the Bailiff by Thomas J. D'Amato and Adam M. Koss

Security Guard Company Prevails on Summary Judgment
A Kern County judge  dismissed a wrongful death action brought against a security company. The case arose from the fatal shooting at a concert in May of 2007.

Michael Bradley has been elected and installed as the 2011 President of the San Francisco Chapter of the American Board of Trial Advocates.  He has also been elected to CAL-ABOTA, the statewide governing body of ABOTA.  Senior Shareholder William S. Kronenberg was recently inducted as an associate member of ABOTA, bringing Murphy, Pearson, Bradley & Feeney’s total membership in ABOTA to seven.  We believe that this is the highest number of active trial lawyers in ABOTA from any one firm in California.

Falling On The Sword - How To Protect Your Client And Yourself.

Legal Malpractice Update: California Supreme Court Rules that Attorney-Client Communication For the Purpose of Mediation is Inadmissible Evidence in Legal Malpractice Cases.


William Muñoz was asked by the Air Transport Association, an organization whose members consist of the 9 largest commercial air carriers in the United States, to write an amicus brief on behalf of Petitioner US Airways in the matter of Seabright Insurance Company v. US Airways, Case Number S182508, pending before the California Supreme Court.

Robert Lucas successfully represented Defendants in an appeal before the Court of Appeal of the State of California Third Appellate District.

Take a Deep Breath: With Planning, Landlords can be Assured Their Property Investments Don’t Disappear in a Cloud of Smoke

Attorney’s Motion for Nonsuit Granted and Successful Verdict on Cross-Complaint for Fees After opening statements in a jury trial case venued in Marin County, Timothy J. Halloran and Jason E. Fellner, who represented the defendants/cross-complainant, filed a motion for nonsuit against all of the causes of action asserted by Plaintiff, including legal malpractice and negligent infliction of emotional distress.

Court of Appeal Affirms Ruling - Mark Perelman and Matthew Cebrian prevailed on appeal before the California First District Court of Appeal in an employment and fraud action.

Persuasiveness Prevails - Arthur Pearson and Karen Neville successfully persuaded the IRS to abate a $480,000 late payment penalty assessed against a fashion designer, manufacturer and retailer of women's clothing.

Foreign Bank Account Reporting

The Office of the Taxpayer Advocate - What Every Taxpayer Needs to Know

Older Articles

Calif.'s Prop 65: Is It Worth The Fight?

Lawyers Representing Law Firms | A Special Report - Lawyers are hungry—too hungry, perhaps. The scramble to find new business can land the unwary fighting malpractice claims.

And the Defense Wins William Muñoz prevailed on appeal before the California Third District Court of Appeal wherein the court affirmed the trial court's order granting Mr. Muñoz’s client a nonsuit in a legal malpractice action.

Coming home: Dealing with USERRA's Negative Implications

Defending Accountants in Elder Care/Elder Abuse Litigation Subject: Tax Law by Arthur V. Pearson

Abusive Tax Shelters by Arthur V. Pearson and Kristen McCulloch

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