At Murphy Pearson Bradley & Feeney we recognize that a winning verdict is never safe from reversal on appeal and that a disappointing loss can be reversed with appropriate post-trial advocacy. We have a wealth of experience upon which to draw in support of every aspect of the appellate process. Our appellate lawyers work closely with our trial lawyers and clients both before and after judgment to ensure that all legal issues are preserved and framed to yield the greatest potential for success on appeal. Our lawyers effectively challenge trial court decisions in state and federal appellate courts and also proactively file and defend writ proceedings when appropriate. In addition to the appeals of our own clients, we are often retained to handle cases for the first time on appeal following trial by outside counsel.

Appellate practice has many forms. In addition to handling the appellate briefs and oral argument, we often act immediately following a verdict or dispositive trial court determination to prepare the post-trial pleadings necessary to preserve issues for appeal. We also work behind the scenes throughout the litigation process, including the pre-trial and trial stages of cases, to ensure that all steps are taken to best facilitate successful appellate outcomes.

Murphy Pearson Bradley & Feeney's appellate practice group handles both federal and state appeals, and is actively involved in the appellate community.

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