Catastrophic Injury

Unforeseen catastrophic injuries are devastating and can happen suddenly, leaving companies and employers questioning their ability to remain solvent in the face of enormous liabilities these events create, and leaving victims frightened and vulnerable. Often, a person who sustains a catastrophic injury requires long-term to lifelong medical care from physicians, physical therapists and psychologists - as well as the use of medical devices and medications. Such an injury can destroy a person's ability to work, pay bills and remain independent. Without adequate risk planning and insurance coverage, companies and employers can face tough questions about the viability of a business.  If that isn't difficult enough, dealing with insurance companies and the legal system can be overwhelming, for plaintiffs and defendants alike.

Murphy, Pearson, Bradley and Feeney's Catastrophic Injury group helps those affected by catastrophic injury and casualty.. We devote ourselves to obtaining the compensation our injured clients deserve and providing them with personal guidance to coordinate and promote the healing process. Over the years, we have successfully assisted our clients in litigating cases involving, brain, head and spinal cord injuries; loss of eyesight and loss of hearing; paralysis; burn injuries; and amputation. 

For our corporate and business clients, we offer counseling regarding the appropriate risk management measures and legal protections to take before catastrophic events occur, and in the event our clients are faced with these difficult challenges, or where the blame is misplaced by overzealous plaintiffs or attorneys, we aggressively defend their rights - from the initial investigation through trial and appeal.

Our Practice

  • Our representation is driven by our belief that prompt investigation, judgment and decisiveness play a key role in deciding whether a particular case goes to trial or is resolved early.
  • While we pride ourselves on delivering superior legal representation, we never lose sight of our clients' financial limitations and exposure. We adhere to cost-conscious standards throughout the preparation and trial of our cases to ensure our clients get the results they expect for the money they have spent.
  • The firm has also developed working relationships with an extensive group of exceptionally well qualified, independent and trial-tested consultants and expert witnesses.
  • We are experienced and knowledgeable in handling the knotty issues that arise in these complicated cases and work closely with our clients to effect the best resolution possible.
  • Sometimes positive outcomes can only be achieved by going to trial. However, in many cases our attorneys are able to obtain favorable settlements outside of court, making the litigation experience less stressful for our clients in the end.

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