Professional Liability

In today's volatile business environment, judges, lawyers, accountants, architects, engineers, licensed professionals, and corporate directors & officers are increasingly challenged by heightened regulatory scrutiny and a growing surge of litigation. Confronted by these developments, our clients are required to exercise a greater degree of judgment than ever before to minimize their liability exposure. Moreover, courts and regulators also have become increasingly willing to impose expanded duties, with attendant liabilities, on white-collar workers, making effective legal representation essential.

Murphy, Pearson, Bradley & Feeney P.C. has a long history and national reputation for successfully defending professionals from a broad range of disciplines. We have successfully defended clients involved in malpractice, disciplinary, and business disputes unique to their fields, and also have provided incisive risk management advice to help prevent and manage such disputes. The attorneys of our Professional Liability group are well versed in the laws that apply to professionals and take great pride in delivering superior counsel when representing our clients’ legal and business needs.

Our Practice

  • We represent accountants and lawyers of small, medium and large firms, judges, insurance agent E&O, real estate brokers and agents, directors and officers of corporations and boards, architects, engineers, and licensed professionals.
  • In defending professionals, we build our defense strategy around the qualities of the individual client, not on public misconceptions of his or her field. Our experience has consistently shown that juries look at the specific individual involved in a case – rather than at the particular profession as a whole.
  • We represent professionals throughout California and in United States District and Appellate Courts throughout the country.
  • We recognize and understand that lawsuits involving our professional clients require a collaborative approach and welcome and encourage client participation.

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